Dubnium Zone

Dubnium was discovered by both a team at the Russian Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and by a team at the American Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. On creating the element, the two teams gave it different names: ‘neilsbohrium’ by the Russians and ‘hahnium’ by the Americans. Eventually, it was decided that the element should it should be called Dubnium, after the town of Dubna in Russia.

In this general science zone you’ll meet a scientist looking for organisms that cause diseases in humans and animals, another studying ground motion from space and another making tiny beds of nails which can be used to inject medicines into individual cells. One scientist in this zone is investigating hundreds of stars that huddle tightly together to figure out how they move in order to understand their history, and another is using social media to tell stories about the fantastic science and innovation happening at the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

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